Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the FAQs below for any questions you may have. If you still have a question not listed here, you can contact Customer Support listed on the page.

Getting Started
Click on the “Forgot Password?” link from the Club Login box on the home page. Enter in the email address that was used when setting up the account. An email to reset your password will be sent to you for this process.
Renewal begins on Mid March - beginning of April of each year.
• Click and drag the map to explore available Recreational License Units (RLUs).
• Click on directional arrows to move the map.  Click + to zoom in and – to zoom out.
• Mouse over and click a marker to view RLU details
• Use the RLU Filter to help you find the RLU you want.
• Note:  RLU boundaries will be displayed on the map when you zoom in.
All account passwords must be ten or more characters in length. The password must contain one Capitalize letter(ex. ADFGGHTH), one number(ex.156541) and one special character(ex.!@$#)NO PERIODS,SLASHES,orDASHES. We suggest you do not use your log-in name, your spouse’s name or your birthday. Do not use a password that is hard to remember or must be written down in order to remember.
Please contact Technical Support by calling (980) 430-6150 or send an email to describing the problem you are experiencing.
A Recreational License Unit (RLU) is the term used to identify an individual tract of land that may be licensed by an individual and/or a hunt club for recreational use, such as hunting.  The RLU is defined by number of acres, boundaries, license length and other characteristics specific to the tract of land.  An individual or hunt club may license more than one RLU.   
A hunt club may have any name as long as it is no longer than 25 characters in length and is not profane, embarrassing or offensive to the public. Please Note: If more than one Recreational License Unit (RLU) is leased by the hunt club, the club name that is specified when the account is created will apply to all of those RLUs.

Common Questions
You will receive a payment confirmation email once your payment has been processed. During the peak of the renewal season, please allow up to 3 weeks past the payment due date before inquiring about whether your payment has been received or not.
View the How to Create Your E-License guide on the “Getting Started” page. This guide contains step-by-step instructions (along with screenshots) on how to create and e-sign your license agreement.
Payment can be made by credit card, e-check, certified check or money order. The payment invoice lists who the certified check or money order should be made payable to as well as where the payment should be mailed to. Please Personal checks are NOT accepted.
Login to your account on our website, arriving at the “My Account” page. Click on the RLU number. Next, click the “Download License Documents” link from the “License Details” page. A copy of your club membership list can be downloaded by clicking the “Download” link beside the Club Member Roster document.
Most gates allow for a lock to be placed by the licensee on one side or in combination with other padlocks.  Please be aware that other landowners and third parties, as well as other Molpus Hunting Licenses, may have right-of-way through the same access point, so respect their locks as well. If lessee places a lock on the gate, licensor must be provided with a key to the lock.
Lessees may post the boundaries of the licensed area at their discretion and at their cost.  Any fasteners to live trees are limited to plastic or materials that will not harm harvesting or chipping equipment.
Refunds are handled on a case by case basis, subject to the terms of the license agreement.
Log-in to your account.    Select “Update Account” from the “My Club” menu.    Make your changes and click “Save Changes”.  Update your account whenever your club information changes (contact, phone number, email, address, etc.).  
Guests are allowed on the property in accordance with the terms of the hunting license agreement.
Part of the license fee paid by the hunt club will be used to purchase a Liability Insurance Policy. This liability policy provides third party coverage for Molpus Hunting Licenses, the hunt club and its members .
Members can be added and removed from a license when the license is created.  Members cannot be removed from the license agreement after the license documents have been created.
Yes.  Log-in to your account.  Select “Update Account” from the “My Club” menu.  Make your changes and click on “Save Changes.”
You may not start hunting until you have received a notification from the lessor that your agreement has been legally executed. The club president/ contact person will be notified by email that the license has been executed.  At that time you can access the property.
If you plan to renew your hunting license, the signed license agreement and full payments are due as outlined in your agreement. Renewal notices will be sent to you prior to the expiration of your current license.
No. Commercial activities are not allowed on the property. This includes guide services and subleasing.
Licenses have been revoked in the past due to land sales or breach of contract by the lessee.  Generally, at any time during the term, lessor shall have the right upon notice to lessee to immediately revoke and terminate the license and the rights and privileges of lessees.  Depending on the situation, refunds may or may not be granted. For specific terms, see the license agreement.
All campsites and structures must be approved by MWG. Click here to get a copy of the form to complete and submit for approval.
If your payment is not received by the due date, you will receive a $100.00 late fee, if your payment is not received within that next 30 days, an additional $250.00 fee will be added. If you fee is not paid within 60 days of the original due date, then we will rescind your ability to renew, and the property will open up to the public.

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Customer Support

For licensing questions or technical support, contact:

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: (980) 430-6150

: [email protected]

: Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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